A monthly column about gay and lesbian travel and vacations

by Sasha Alyson

Venturing Out! is a monthly travel and vacation column that has appeared in some 20 gay and lesbian newspapers around the country. The following past columns are now on-line. 

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The author: Sasha Alyson (right) is the founder Boston's gay newspaper, Bay Windows, and also of Alyson Publications, the country's leading publisher of gay and lesbian books. In 1995 he started Alyson Adventures, which specializes in active and adventure vacations for gay men and lesbians.


Two Decades of Change
Four quite different travel ideas that highlight the changes of the past 20 years: Vietnam tours, Gay Day at Walt Disney World, the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and International Mr. Leather Weekend in Chicago.

Speaking Their Language
A second language is not necessary, but helps make for a better vacation. Rather than a month of language immersion, you can study at home. Here's a guide to some popular home-study courses.

Home Away from Home
Homestays, visits, and home swaps offer a way to see more of another culture.

Sailing the Friendly Seas
A cruise is an extremely popular way to vacation for many lesbians and gay men.

Tuscany for the Gay and Lesbian Traveler
The Italian region of Tuscany draws gay vacationers with its cuisine, history, and architecture.

Sand, Celebrations, and Search Engines
Looking for a warm winter getaway? Making last-minute Millennium plans? Here's a guide.

Many Hawaii's
Gay and lesbian visitors to Hawaii can choose from the island's enormous variety. Hike into a volcano, kayak on the islands (left), loaf on a beach, or party all night.

Eco-Tourism: Rules for the Road Less Trampled
Eco-tourism has a growing appeal for gay travelers. Not sure yet if it's for you? Here's some advice for finding out.

AIDS Rides and Autumn Escapes
The Tanqueray-sponsored AIDS Rides have become a popular fundraiser. But are we getting enough information about where all the money is going?

The Intimate Adventure: Gay Romantic Vacations
Couples that stay together, play together -- and sometimes that means taking your vacation someplace special, both remote and gay-friendly.

Top Travel Advice and Tips
Get the most from your next vacation with these easy rules of thumb.

Where The Crowds Are
Several major gay and lesbian events have become insitutions in their own right, attracting hundreds of thousands of participants.

As The Odometer Turns
Gay men and lesbians can welcome the new millennium while on a South African safari, or toast midnight under a tropical coral reef. But if you want to go, start planning now and don't expect them to be cheap.

Thailand: Land of Smiles
Thailand is remarkably gay-friendly -- but to really appreciate Thailand, you must be ready to vacation there on its terms.

Travel with HIV and AIDS
HIV and AIDS needn't be a barrier to travel, but there are special considerations.

Gay Ski Weeks, March on Washington
Aspen and Whistler are the main destinations this year. The Millennium March on Washington: History in the making, or a fizzle? Comparison shopping for a vacation.

Out in Africa
South Africa is becoming know as a gay-friendly vacation destination for world travelers.

Prime Time for Asia
Asian vacations are a bargain right now. Here are three destinations to look at.

Montreal and Amsterdam: Two warm welcomes
Montreal offers a warm welcome to gay and lesbian visitors.

Gay men and women: Traveling together, or apart?
Gay and lesbian travel seems to be moving in the direction of trips that are either all-men or all-women. Does that matter?

Searching the Search Engines
Which search engines are most useful for gay and lesbian travelers? Here are the results of our recent test.

Big Groups, Small Groups, and a Caribbean Paradise
Big groups, small groups, twosomes and solo travel. What size works best for you?

Hanns Ebensten, Pioneer of Gay Travel
Hanns Ebensten thought a rafting trip on the Grand Canyon would be more fun with a gay group. He was right.

Dinah Shore Women's Weekend
The annual Dinah Shore Women's Weekend in Palm Springs has something for every lesbian.

Pros and Cons of an All-Gay Vacation
Should you travel with an all-gay or -lesbian group? Or is it more enjoyable to be in a mixed group? Here are the primary reasons that travelers have given for their choices.

Winter Migrations: Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Australia
As winter approaches, many of us look for a chance to follow the birds south. Costa Rica, New Zealand, and Australia all offer appeal for gay men and lesbians.

The Gay Business Traveler: Researching a City before You Visit
If business travel takes you to a city that wouldn't have been your first vacation choice, don't despair. There are lots of ways to meet other gay people in your free time.

Off the Beaten Track
Lesbians and gay men are traveling to more remote and exotic locations. Here are some off-beat vacation ideas, and leads for collecting more information.

Men and Women -- Together or Separate?
Some gay men prefer to travel just with other gay men. Some lesbians want an all-lesbian group. Others enjoy a mixed-gender vacation -- what's available for them?

Essential Travel Gear, Philly's Pridefest & a Tip of the Wings to American Airlines
Thinking of what to pack for ease and security; Philadelphia's Pridefest; three cheers for American Airlines.

Hot & Cold: Nude Beaches and Gay Ski Weeks
During the winter months, some gay men and lesbians want to escape to sunny beaches where they can sun & swim, and for naturists this means nude. Others want to embrace winter and rush to the snowy slopes.


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